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Designed especially for Life Under Canvas and with portability in mind this compact eco stove is the perfect solution for heating and cooking in your bell tent or other canvas shelter. It throws out up to 3.5kw of heat to keep you toasty on chilly evenings early and late season.

This eco version of our stove produces more heat output from the burning wood than a standard stove. This works by introducing a second source of air into the stove above the flames re-igniting the gases and producing more heat from the same wood with little smoke from the flue.

This re-ignition of the gases keeps them inside the firebox for longer and helps to reduce the emissions from the fire into the atmosphere, it also means that there is less likely to be a blackening of the stove glass.

It comes with 7 x 32cm flue pieces and a spark arrestor that slot together and including the stove reach a height of 253cm meaning there’s plenty of flue outside of your tent to take the smoke away. The spark arrestor prevents stray sparks from landing on your tent.

It’s got a removable top plate for easy access to the firebox from above and this also makes a handy heating plate for a pan or kettle.

The flue packs away inside the stove for maximum portability and also included is a Life Under Canvas heat resistant bag. Perfect for packing it away and avoiding soot and ash spilling.


Reasons to choose Life Under Canvas

After trying and testing equipment on the market we have identified our favourite in terms of style, quality, functionality and value for money. Our range of fire & feast is exactly what you need to ensure you get the best out of your camping trip. High performance yet compact and lightweight, our range means you will enjoy your camping trip every time!

  • Compact, Lightweight and Stylish
  • Power Output 3.5kwh
  • Flue size 60mm (2.1/4")
  • Suitable for any size of bell tent or a shed, tipi or yurt
  • Comes with side racks for pots and pans
  • Fuel Type Wood
  • Eco-Friendly, secondary burn function
  • Life Under Canvas Heat Resistant Carry Bag Included
  • Great Customer Service
  • Fast Delivery


  • 1 x Carry Bag
  • 1 x Eco Stove
  • 7 x 32cm Flue
  • 1 x Spark Arrestor



Stoves FAQs

Our standard and eco stoves are best for any of our bell tents. Our mini stove is best suited for our 4m bell tent due to its size, as well as other smaller structures.

Both of our flashing kits are compatible with all three types of stoves that we offer. They would also be able to be used with other stoves if the flue diameter is 60mm. If a little larger, the 45° silicon can be cut to fit.

Yes, it can be rolled down and velcroed in place to ensure water can not get in through your stove hole.

We recommend lighting it at a low temperature, either outside the tent or inside when you are not in there. This allows any fumes from manufacturing to be removed off before use.

To use a stove in your tent safely, you will need a flashing kit to install the stove into your canvas tent. You will also need a heat proof mat to stop any sparks that might fly onto your ground sheet. These are both sold on our website.

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