Tripod, pot and grill pan kit


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These robust tripods are perfect to stand over any fire pit or open camp fire. With pointed feet they are secure and safe and the turning handle at the top allows even cooking on your griddle or in your one pot food.

Use the BBQ pan for meat and roast veggies. The dip in the middle allows you to move your food in and out of the cooking juices as required for the perfect flavour, or stand your kettle on it for a morning cuppa. The pot can be used to conjure up all manner of culinary delights from risottos and curries to stews and soups. Keep an eye on our blog for some recipe suggestions.

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The kit contains:

  • 1.3m forged iron tripod with turning handle and hanging chain
  • 10l enamelled cooking pot with handle
  • 56cm enamelled BBQ pan





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