Preparing for a family camping trip!

When planning a family camping trip, we think one of the top three things you can to do is make a list. Once you have your list, the chance of forgetting the toilet paper or your sleeping bag is a lot less. A list can also help you not to over pack and you are anything like me, it can be easily done. This post could help you remember all the things we think you will need to make a great camping trip for you and your family. 

Number two: do not forget your first aid kit. If you do not have one, they are super easy to make out of the things you probably have lying around in your cupboards at home. Fingers crossed you won’t need to use one, but accidents do happen so ensure you are fully prepared for all eventualities. Normally a plaster will suffice but you just never know, especially if your children would rather be up in a tree than on the ground. 



Number three, to complete our top three, always check the weather before you go and have back-ups for every weather type. Now I know this sounds like it could end up with a lot of overpacking, but with our unpredictable British weather you just can’t take your chances. This means plenty of warm layers, waterproof clothing, extra blankets and sun protection. Pair this with a cosy sleeping bag and you and the kids won’t fall short to the cold UK nights.

Extras we think you should consider about when preparing your family camping trip:

If you want to camp at a campsite, make sure you make your reservation, many campsites you can’t just turn up to. This also gives you a chance to find out what’s surrounding the campsite, is there activities to keep you and your family entertained or will you need to take things with you. This also gives you a chance to check the campsite rules. Open fires on the grass or anything glass might be banned.

Preparing your meals for your camping trip can be a daunting thought. We believe the more you do before you leave for your camping trip the more stress free it will be. This means it could also be a good idea to have a meal plan, that way you can have all ingredients ready to take with you and they can be condensed into smaller reusable containers which saves space and means you can fit more snacks!! When planning your meal plan, think of some no-cooking-necessary recipes, to give yourself a break.



Whatever your choice of camping lighting, its a good thing to think about it before hand, no one wants to be trying to find the toilet in the dark. If you’ve gone for a camping lantern with built in battery, then make sure you charge the batteries before you leave and be aware of how they recommend storing these batteries when purchasing them. If you are staying for a couple of days, then you might want to take a portable charger to boost the lanterns after two or three days. The campsite you are staying at might provide these facilities, but it could be handy for charging your mobile when you are away from the campsite and you want to take a picture of your memorable moments.   If you are going for lighting that uses batteries, make sure you have spare just in case.


If it is your first time going camping or you’ve had your tent in storage for a while, it is always a good idea to check your tent before you take it anywhere. Finding out the shed had been leaking and your tent has gotten damp and mouldy once you are miles from home is not ideal. If this is your first time camping it is also a great way to have a practice run and get comfortable with your tent. It isn’t normally the putting it up we find hard, it’s fitting it back in its bag!

Some to add to your list: Cooking utensils, toilet paper, water, an umbrella (great for if it rains and you are cooking on the campfire), matches and bin bags (leave nothing behind).

We understand there are many more things to consider when preparing for a family camping trip, like what games you are going to play in the car so you don’t have to hear ‘are we there yet’ on repeat or not to forget the wet wipes because roasting marshmallows can get sticky, but hopefully we have given you some ideas that can go on your camping list. Now all you have to think about is what you are going to do with your kids for the whole camping trip. Keep an eye out, we might have some ideas for you in one of our next posts. 

TIP: Keep your clothes in your sleeping bag… they will be warmer when putting them on in the morning. 

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