Canvas Products Warranty

Canvas Products Warranty

Here at Life Under Canvas we have carefully chosen the very best bell tent manufacturer and our tents are made specifically to our requirements. We are confident that the quality of them is second to none and they are fit for their intended use, this being the leisure camping market.

Life Under Canvas Ltd offers a standard 24 month warranty on our new tents against genuine manufacturing defects such as flaws in the canvas, the waterproofing (this does not include leaking that has occurred because the canvas has not been weathered properly), missing parts when used in a domestic and not trade capacity.

Please note that this 24 month warranty does not extend to the poles, zips or groundsheets, only the canvas, as the former components are commonly misused. It also does not extend to any item bought as a 'second' or 'second hand' from Life Under Canvas or any other third party seller.

The warranty does not include damage caused by adverse weather conditions.

The warranty does not include mould and mildew damage caused by the tent being put away damp or left under trees for prolonged periods of time.

The warranty does not cover damage caused if the tents are left unattended.

The warranty does not include damage caused by cleaning, modifications, adaptions or repairs made to tents by third parties, and not by Life Under Canvas approved professionals.

Please note that there are just 3 UK outlets on-line here at, on ebay (ebay username: lifeundercanvas) and on Amazon. A Life Under Canvas tent purchased from any other UK outlet may not be a genuine Life Under Canvas product.

To protect the consumer and the Life Under Canvas brand the Life Under Canvas registered trademark can be found on all our tents and awnings. All our tents should be clearly labelled with our company name and only tents and awnings carrying the Life Under Canvas trademark are protected by our warranty.

The Life Under Canvas warranty is applicable only to our canvas products delivered to consumers within the UK for their specific order, not for orders delivered overseas and it is not transferable.

The warranty does not include professional, long term and trade use. That being the tents being bought by persons with the intention of renting them to third parties or the tents being bought with the intention of leaving them up for a long period of time. Specifically more than 28 days.

If the intention is to use your Bell Tent for a trade purpose please see the separate warranty agreement that is applicable to our 'Trade' range of tents.

In order to make any claim under the warranty photos of the tent and/or packaging must be submitted via email. No claim will be considered without pictures.

If a claim under our canvas warranty is upheld, then our first priority will always be to repair any damage, rather than replace a tent. This forms an important part of our Life Under Canvas environmental policy.

Please contact us at [email protected] if you need spare parts. We have some in stock and can order in other spares as needed.

Please contact us at [email protected] if you have any questions.

Thank you.