Get ready to camp!

These mad March snow storms may have taken us by surprise but now's the time to start planning those cool camping trips for 2023.

Make sure you've got your gear waiting in the wings for the first sunny weekend to pull it out and carry out your annual inspection.

Spread out your tent and if you've got the space pitch it as normal.

Give it a once over for dirt or marks and if you can, brush these off with a dry non abrasive sponge, that's definitely the best first course of action!

If that doesn't work then try giving the individual areas a clean with some specialised tent wash.

Finally if your tent has been well used, exposed to a lot of UV or taken a bashing from extreme weather you might want to leave it up through a downpour to check the waterproofing.

Take a look at our handy guide for the care of your tent and make sure it's bone dry when you out it away of course!

There's nothing worse than arriving on your campsite to find you've left the pegs at home.

Believe us...we've done it!

Get out the pegs, poles, mallet etc and check you've got the correct amount. If you can't remember how many you need head to the relevant listing on our site for the handy list of 'What's Included'.

We sell sets of spare guy ropes and pegs plus mallets but if it's just an odd 1 or 2 that you need get in touch and we'll see what we can dig out for you.

Here's to a fun and sunny camping season in 2023!

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