Campfire Cooking

Campfire Cooking

We're convinced that food just tastes better when it's cooked over an open campfire. Take a read through some great hints, tips and recipes below to make your campfire cuisine sing!

Campfire Cooking Equipment

Here's what we consider to be the essentials for spot of outdoor cooking...

The Really Basics

  • Knife

If you're really desperate you can get away with just a knife. It can handle everything from making fire, whittling skewers, using as tongs, and, of course, cut up food. It makes it a lot easier to bring a few other items with you though...


  • Grill: Turns any fire into a BBQ - great for cooking sausages and bacon at breakfast too.
  • Cooking Pot: A big casserole dish for one-pot feasts
  • Frying Pan: Handy for eggs, and as a second pan
  • Cutting Board: Much easier and safer to have a proper surface to chop on
  • Sharp Knife: Ideally with a protective sheath
  • Cooking utensils: Tongs, spoon, aluminium foil (yes, it is a cooking utensil!)
  • Lighters: As many as you can find, as they will disappear!
  • Stove: This can be simply a tripod over a fire, or a portable gas or petrol stove.
  • Large Bowl: A flattish bowl can also double as a plate
  • Cutlery:
  • Mug: For tea, coffee and other essentials
  • Corkscrew & Can Opener (a penknife does this job pretty effectively)

Looking for some recipes? Our sister site, Cosy Under Canvas, has a few of our favourites.