Keeping Cosy Under Canvas

Last time we slept under canvas was only last week and it was a little chilly to say the least.

We kept the stove ticking over and were toasty and that's because we've got a few little secrets up our sleeves.

But we're happy to share so you can keep cosy under canvas too!

Keeping cosy is all about ensuring the extremities are warm. That's head, toes and nose and we know how to keep them covered.

Fluffy socks are a must. Keeping the extremities warm means that we are able to fall asleep more quickly and are less likely to wake in the night as a result of being chilly.

A wooly hat is invaluable, especially if you're a little less blessed on top like one of our own camping crew! Don't let valuable body heat escape from up top!

And as for the nose...well, there's nothing else for it except to hide it under your duvet or sleeping bag!

Sleep on a sheepskin.

This deserves a post on its own. It's an amazing natural material that's a body temperature regulator. It breathes with your skin and is warming when it's chilly as it traps the cold air and keeps it away from your body.

Just try it and you'll never look back, if you struggle for space in the car it's worth thinking about what to sacrifice to squeeze in the sheepskin!

Always think about above and below. So just like sleeping on a sheepskin, think about what else you're sleeping on. A raised camp bed or purpose made sleeping mattress is perfect. Ditch the blow up....the air inside it will go cold and it will sag.

Instead invest in a good quality thermarest. You'll feel on top of the world each morning after a cosy nights sleep on one!

And finally a cosy blanket is essential.  Keep well covered above and if you're too hot kick it off.

There'll always be a reason to snuggle down under a traditional Welsh wool blanket.  Ours are the perfect size for throwing round your shoulders if campfire stories are in order, or tucking round your sleeping bag to guarantee a cosy night under canvas.

If you've got any more tips of your own let us know; we're keen to try and learn!

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