Life Outdoors in a Touareg Bell Tent

The Touareg bell tent is THE tent that gives you space and comfort in style. Whether just the 2 of you have a need for a super space or you're a large family wanting to grab a corner each, there's plenty space for you, your kit and some left over!

It's the same height as a 5m Bell Tent but the double doors mean you can take in the views all round and also helps to create a great ambience for garden parties, events or community functions.

Want to be sure this tent is definitely the one for you? Check out our handy size guide.

We have a range of Fire Retardant Tents that are treated with a special solution during the manufacturing process to make them fully safe to use with one of our three stoves. You can read more about fire retardancy here

Part of this collection is the Touareg Fire Retardant Bell Tent with Stove Hole  which is perfect paired with either our Eco stove or Standard stove  as well as the 45 degrees flashing kit for extra stability.

And don’t forget, there is one less bed space when you use a stove!

Available in traditional sand this tent looks fabulous with an awning attached, seriously useful for extra storage on a family camping trip or for gear when you want to squeeze more people in. The tent can sleep large families or a group of 8/10 singles without the stove for a cosy night under canvas.

And as the awning comes with an additional 2 poles it's ideal to use on its own for some shade in the garden on a sunny summer day.

This wonderful Touareg bell tent belongs to Beckie from glampingonthecorner. She and her team use one of our Touareg bell tents to house adventurous campers looking for short stays at their glamping site, on the outskirts of the picturesque town of Tunbridge Wells.

You can hire the field for exclusive private glamping and with stunning views for miles it's the perfect place for a relaxing trip to the countryside.

They have an airbnb listing  if you'd like to book!

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