4M Fire Retardant Bell Tent with Porch



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New to Life Under Canvas! 

This stylish addition to the range is a practical variation of the standard 4m Bell tent designed exclusively by Life Under Canvas.

The 1m deep porch that is zipped onto the front of the 4m tent allows ample space for luggage and cool box storage or a neat space for chairs and a table. Plus as it’s detachable, campers can leave it behind if they’re just off on a short trip and want to travel lighter.

The perfect solution for a stylish and practical life under canvas.

Perfect for a family of 4 for a camping holiday or a garden chill out. Total luxury for 2!

Please note this tent has a grey floor and is available in sand canvas.

This tent is constructed from a weightier 320gsm cotton and during the manufacturing process is treated with Proban® fire retardancy solution then tested to BS7837 standard.

*Please note this tent does not come with a stove hole and will not fit an inner*

Not sure which size Bell Tent is right for you? We’ve put a handy guide together to help. Download it here.

Alternatively, try out our questionnaire to find your perfect Bell Tent!

Find the Bell Tent instructions here.

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Reasons to choose Life Under Canvas

Over the last few years we have tried and tested all specs, styles & sizes of bell tent & have put together the best features. The result is our very own range of Life Under Canvas bell tents which we are confident will ensure a practical and relaxing camping experience.

  • 320g 100% cotton canvas - rot, mould and water resistant
  • 540g grey PVC floor - zipped in, bucket style, thick and waterproof
  • Fire retardant - Treated with Proban® FR solution and fully fire retardant to BS7837:1996
  • 1m deep porch - great for storage space or extra shelter
  • Detachable porch - a bonus if you want to travel light or for short stays
  • Integrated PVC floor in Porch - to keep belongings off the ground
  • Greater door height than standard 4m bell tent - tent door height 1.7m, porch door height 1.6m
  • Rectangular doorway - gives more sense of space
  • Mosquito mesh at the doors and windows - in both porch and tent
  • Storage Pockets - 2 handy storage pockets for keys, wallets, books etc
  • Strong, bright polyester guys - more secure in high winds, easy to see
  • Elastic Toggles - to secure guys tidy when packing away
  • Thick grooved rebar pegs for guys - to prevent guys slipping
  • Metal sliders - stronger than plastic, more secure in high winds
  • Metal central and door pole - 38mm and 19mm in diameter
  • A handy carry bag - with a waterproof bottom and two sets of handles
  • Spare floor and canvas material - for small repairs
  • Longer door spike - for easy awning attachment
  • 2 rain caps - sometimes they get lost!
  • Mallet included - everything you need to put the tent up
  • Great customer service - pick up the phone or drop us a mail, there's always a friendly voice to answer your questions

Tent includes:

  • 1 x carry bag
  • 1 x 4m fire retardant bell tent with porch
  • 2 x 400cm guy rope
  • 12 x 200cm guy ropes
  • 14 x guy rope pegs
  • 14 x floor pegs
  • 1 x centre pole with rain stopper
  • 2 x 3 door poles
  • 2 x spare rain caps
  • 1 x mallet



This tent is perfect for family of 4 camping trip or garden chill out. Total luxury for 2!

The tent comes in 2 packages which are easy to transport and store.


Frequently Asked Questions

To find out where the best place to pitch your bell tent, check out our care and storage page –  Care & Storage

Your tent should be reproofed when it is visible that water droplets soak into your canvas rather than beading on top.

Guidelines on how to reproof your tent are available on our care and storage page – Care & Storage

The difference is the amount of poles included. The awning comes with one pole and is intended to be attached the front door pole of your tent as some extra space or shelter. The awning plus comes with three poles to create a bigger shelter from your bell tent. Both the awning and the awning plus have the ability to be free standing with the addition of an extra pole. Great for extra shelter or a garden canopy.

All instructions can be downloaded here

Yes, it can be rolled down and velcroed in place to ensure water can not get in through your stove hole.

You must ensure your tent or awning is completely dry before packing it away. The best way to dry your canvas is to pitch it and let it air dry.

Store in a dry place away from damp and do not store anything on top of your tent or awning.

Check out our care and storage information page for more – Care & Storage

The best way to clean your bell tent would be to let it air dry. Once the mud and debris is dry, it can be removed using a stiff brush. We also have cleaning and reproofing agents sold on our website.

We have a handy guide with more details on the best way to give your tent some TLC – Cleaning and Proofing.

All tents require 1m around for set up. Check out our quick guide to see more – Quick Guide

Check out our quick guide to know how many people fit comfortably in our bell tents – Quick Guide

For the 3m, 4m, 5m and 6m bell tents, you would need two bell tent mats to cover the bell tent floor.

For an Emperor or Touareg tent we suggest using our recycled picnic mats.



Our tents are designed for occasional camping use for the leisure industry. They are not designed to be left up for continuously long periods of time, therefore our warranty does not cover them for this.

However, many people choose to leave them up and they can last being left up for longer. The longevity of the tents depends on how well they are looked after and where they are sited.

If you have anymore questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Bell tents are manufactured from 100% cotton canvas and this is inherently waterproof. When the tent is used on the first few occasion the cotton fibres expand and knit together to create the waterproof fabric. If you are unfortunate enough to be subject to a torrential downpour on the first use of your tent you may experience small leaks particularly around the seam areas. This is perfectly normal and will subside after a couple of uses.

Generally the fibres expand in normal damp conditions and no leaking occurs. If looked after properly your Life Under Canvas Bell Tent should last years and years.

Our inners are compatible with other bell tents if the width of the panels match ours. The measurements for our panels can be found on our quick guide – Quick Guide

Our awnings are compatible as long as they have a door spike. This makes them attachable to any other bell tent.



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