Portable Fire Pit


A robust fire pit available in 2 sizes. A great alternative to an open fire and perfect teamed with our compact tripod, pot and griddle set. Collapsible and comes in a handy carry bag.


Designed with portability in mind, the fire pits are easy to assemble as they just unfold and once it has cooled can be slotted into the handy carry bag with ease.

They are compact with folding legs for easy transportation and a removable charcoal plate which allows for easy cleaning. Team with our handy tripod, pot and griddle for the perfect camp cooking solution.

Small measures 37cm x 37cm x 28cm when in use (47cm x 45cm when packed flat).

Large measures 43cm x 43cm x 32cm when open (55cm x 52 when packed flat).

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Reasons to choose Life Under Canvas

After trying and testing lots of camping equipment we have created our perfect range in terms of style, quality, functionality and value for money. High performance yet compact and lightweight, our compact cooking kit means you will enjoy your camping trip every time!

  • Stainless steel fire pit - robust and safe
  • 3 legs - great to lift fire off the ground
  • Handles on each side that remain cool so pit can be easily moved
  • Does not burn the grass underneath so perfect for campsites
  • Compliments the tripod, pot and grill set perfectly
  • Lightweight and easy to transport
  • Legs fold for portability and packs into handy carry bag
  • Great customer service
  • Fast Delivery


  • Stainless steel fire pit
  • Removable charcoal plate
  • Three legs - fold for portability
  • Carry bag with handles

Frequently Asked Questions

Got a questions? We hope you find all the answers here, but if not feel free to get in touch and we’ll be pleased to help

Bell Tents

To find out where the best place to pitch your bell tent, check out our care and storage page –  Care & Storage

We usually receive our stock for the season by early March. Please contact us for the exact date for the item you are interested in.

Your tent should be reproofed when it is visible that water droplets soak into your canvas rather than beading on top.

Guidelines on how to reproof your tent are available on our care and storage page – Care & Storage

We stock many different spare parts and extras, including tent & awning poles, rain caps, mallets, guys and peg sets.  Please have a look at our spares page for more details – Spares

We also stock spare swatches of fabric, elastic toggles, stove glass, flue pieces, springs for poles & more, so if you don’t see what you need please don’t hesitate to contact us.

All instructions can be downloaded here

Yes, it can be rolled down and velcroed in place to ensure water can not get in through your stove hole.

You must ensure your tent or awning is completely dry before packing it away. The best way to dry your canvas is to pitch it and let it air dry.

Store in a dry place away from damp and do not store anything on top of your tent or awning.

Check out our care and storage information page for more – Care & Storage

The best way to clean your bell tent would be to let it air dry. Once the mud and debris is dry, it can be removed using a stiff brush. We also have cleaning and reproofing agents sold on our website.

We have a handy guide with more details on the best way to give your tent some TLC – Cleaning and Proofing.

All tents require 1m around for set up. Check out our quick guide to see more – Quick Guide

Check out our quick guide to know how many people fit comfortably in our bell tents – Quick Guide

Our tents are designed for occasional camping use for the leisure industry. They are not designed to be left up for continuously long periods of time, therefore our warranty does not cover them for this.

However, many people choose to leave them up and they can last being left up for longer. The longevity of the tents depends on how well they are looked after and where they are sited.

If you have anymore questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Bell tents are manufactured from 100% cotton canvas and this is inherently waterproof. When the tent is used on the first few occasion the cotton fibres expand and knit together to create the waterproof fabric. If you are unfortunate enough to be subject to a torrential downpour on the first use of your tent you may experience small leaks particularly around the seam areas. This is perfectly normal and will subside after a couple of uses.

Generally the fibres expand in normal damp conditions and no leaking occurs. If looked after properly your Life Under Canvas Bell Tent should last years and years.

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